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Jokamiehen datajournalismi - haastatelussa Esa Mäkinen

Helsingin Sanomien datajournalisti Esa Mäkinen kertoo omasta suhteestaan datajournalismiin. Haastattelu on osa...

Jokamiehen datajournalismi - Mitä avoimella datalla saa aikaan?

Helsingin Sanomien datajournalisti Esa Mäkinen antaa vinkkejä avoimesta datasta kiinnostuneille toimittajille. Haastattelu on osa...

Data with passion: A chat with Hans Rosling at TEDxSummit 2012

On Tuesday afternoon at TEDxSummit 2012, Hans Rosling sat down with a group of fans to talk about presenting data with passion, using Legos, rocks and humor.

RSA Animate - The Power of Networks

In this RSA Animate, Manuel Lima, senior UX design lead at Microsoft Bing, explores the power of network visualisation to help navigate our complex modern world. Taken from a lecture given by Manuel Lima as part of the RSA's free public events pr...

The impact of "data mining" on data journalism - interview with Nicola Hughes from ScraperWiki

Nicola Hughes is the media partner manager at ScraperWiki.com. She also launched a blog called Data Miner UK. In this interview she talks about the crucial role of data scraping and...

Kim Rees - Living, Breathing Data

At OpenVis Conf 2013, Kim Rees discussed the impetus for Periscopic's recent U.S. Gun Killings visualization project, the creative process, the bane of aggregate data, and, of course, the open data and open source tools they used to create it.


Datajournalismia Jyväskylään! @ Instanssi 2012

Jarno Liski kertoo datajournalismista.

The Joy of Statistics: Hans Rosling

Documentary which takes viewers on a rollercoaster ride through the wonderful world of statistics to explore the remarkable power they have to change our understanding of the world, presented by superstar boffin Professor Hans Rosling, whose eye-open...

Hans Rosling: The River of Myths

Hans Rosling shows how measurement reveals incredible progress in saving the lives of children in what were once labeled "developing countries". If the few countries that still have high child mortality rates can follow the path of Ethiopia, p...

Mikä on Open Data Kitchen?

Mikä on Open Data Kitchen? Miten kaupunkilaiset hyötyvät datan avaamisesta ja sen visualisoinnista?

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