“Stadi.TV is a communal television of the Helsinki region. The residents together make it their own – a channel for all of us.”

Stadi.TV is an open and communal media channel produced for and by the residents of Helsinki and its urban communities. It activates viewers to produce and share content and has its own production team of journalists. Partners also contribute by producing their own programs. As a result, Stadi.TV is a new way to bring together editorial TV and user-generated content. Openness, civic democracy and independency are all important for Stadi.TV.

On the Internet, visit to view the programs. Stadi.TV operates in an urban media environment utilizing different urban screens of the city.

Stadi.TV has its own production team which produces several series and current affairs programs for the channel. The topics of the programs are various and all aimed to the citizens of the capital area. The team tries to react to the feedback of the audience and can also utilize user-generated content in their content production. 

The city residents’ own channel

Stadi.TV’s programs spring from the city residents’ interest and observations. The uniting theme is the city: this is a channel for the people of the capital area, by the people living there. The goal is to find a productive balance between media content produced by professionals, semiprofessionals and amateurs. Stadi.TV wants to give the citizens a chance to have their voice to be heard.

Workshops are an important aspect. Stadi.TV wants to encourage urban communities, event producers and the city to utilize the channel in their communication and marketing. Interested groups can either download their videos directly at the website, or take part in a media workshop giving basic tools and training in content production. Stadi.TV tries to assist the grassroots culture of the audiovisual field to be more daring and active.
User-generated content and programs make Stadi.TV a channel for the city and it’s residents!

Forum Virium Helsinki is the executive producer of Stadi.TV.